Dealer of genuine Yaskawa servo motor inverter in Vietnam

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We are the official Yaskawa servo motor inverter dealer in Vietnam with a thorough motto to bring products as well as optimal solutions for customers' needs and investment costs. Yaskawa brand products from Japan have very high quality and durability over time with the following products:

Advantages of Yaskawa servo motor drive inverter products

  • Yaskawa servo drive inverter is designed and manufactured directly in Japan, so it has very high standards and specifications, stable operation in harsh environment such as high temperature, lots of dust.
  • Yaskawa products operate with very high precision because it is one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers in the field of electric automation in Japan.
  • Yaskawa has a wide range of products in many capacities, voltages, and applications, so it is suitable for integration with the entire line of machines of customers.
  • Goods with 100% origin imported from Japan, with full import documents and quality certificates.

Reputable Yaskawa servo motor driver inverter agent for assurance

  • Product guarantees genuine full CO / CQ documents and import documents, VAT invoice. We have a strong commitment that all products sold in our company are genuine, made by Yaskawa.
  • Service to support customers till the time when customers feel secure about the product. Especially with the installation policy running according to the requirements of customers, then payment. This policy helps customers to be completely assured of our purchase.
  • For large customers such as projects, machine manufacturing with regular demand will have good pricing policy and liabilities. To enjoy some special policies, please contact us soon so that we can build the best policy for customers of this type.
  • Especially when you buy products from our Yaskawa agent you will feel about after-sales services such as fast and free delivery, stock always available with many ranges of capacity, voltage, features. with actual needs. For some items that are not popular or have been discontinued, our engineering team will find solutions to help you convert to new products and keep machines working.

Why did you choose to buy our yaskawa servo inverter

  • Firstly, our staff is very experienced, so they are ready to provide technical support as well as advice on the best solution related to yaskawa servo inverter products for customers. All consultation aims to help you choose the most suitable and optimal product for your needs.
  • Second is to change with popular products we are always available to meet your needs, to avoid prolonging order time.
  • Third is the full package support for electrical cabinet making, plc programming related to yaskawa servo inverter products to help you assign all related tasks to us in charge.
  • The fourth is the strongest commitment that all of our products are genuine Yaskawa made and covered by manufacturer's standard warranty. In case of product damage during use, we have many flexible policies to help you warranty faster.

Why buy at a Yaskawa agent

  • Yaskawa is a long-standing brand in the main electric automation field that its products appear in many different types of machines, so that brings with them many suppliers of this brand. So you need to choose the right agent to officially buy, you will receive the best price support as well as after-sales service.
  • When buying from a Yaskawa agent, you will be assured of the quality of goods, provided with full proof of origin with invoices and support services, while choosing to buy in some places. It is not difficult for your agent to be served attentively and professionally.
  • In addition, when buying from a genuine dealer, warranty-related issues will be resolved directly by Yaskawa in Vietnam.
  • Buying at a Yaskawa dealer, you also get support from basic to advanced software to support the use of servo inverters more conveniently.

Main products of Yaskawa servo motor driver inverter are as follows

  • Yaskawa inverter products are officially distributed by agents in Vietnam as follows: CIMR CIPR A1000 E1000 V1000 H1000 GA700 G7 G5 G3 D1000 T100 V7. L1000A VS Mini F7 L7 J7 J1000 616G5 616G3 U1000 R1000. Voltage range from 220-380, capacity from 0.75kW up to 500kW.
  • Yaskawa servo motor products: SGDV, SGM, SGDH, SGD7S, SGMPH, SGMAH, SGMGH, SGMJV, SGMAV, SGMSV, SGMGV, SGM7J, SGM7A, SGM7G. Especially, we are very experienced in replacing some old yaskawa servos such as sigma 1 sigma 2 and sigma 3 so that you can safely use the new servo series in the future.
  • Some high-end motion plc series such as mp2300 integrate ethernet network communication as well as mechatrolink 2 3 to control multiple servo axes.
  • Maintenance and training services for Yaskawa products. For large customers we can come in person to provide training services at the factory or company office.