1. In order to ensure the interests of consumers, improve the quality of after-sales service, We exchange new products of the same type if the problem cannot be solved immediately (due to technical defects of the manufacturer). Products can only be redeemed if they fully meet the following conditions:

    • New products purchased within 03 days from the date of sale. Customers buy online, time is counted from the date the customer receives the product.
    • The product is not worn, scratched, deformed and satisfies the warranty conditions.
    • Received products must be intact shell, foam and full of attached accessories, promotional gifts (if any) ...

    Return conditions:

    • And purchase invoice
    • Full product box left
    • There is a full warranty card (if any) and accessories
    • Valid promotional gifts (if any)

    In case of not accepting the product return or return:

    • You want to change the type and model of the product.
    • Error caused by user.
    • Do not accept the appearance of defects (scratches, dents, distortions, breakage, chips, torn stamps, ...) when the customer has brought the product out of HST

    Note: Customers look carefully at the product before buying, but not re-enter the sold product. There are no exceptions. To make sure every customer is always buying new products.